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Many Talents Media is on a mission to increase accessibility to professional media.  Enabling all charities and initiatives in Aotearoa ,with a vision to create positive change in the environment and communities, to increase their impact with professional Photography, Videography, branding and design services – for Free.


Getting Involved

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Phase One | FREE Photography

We are currently offering two free photography storytelling sessions to Auckland charities and impact driven organisations per month.

Please reach out to chat about your vision and let’s work together to help elevate your message and goals.

The Vision

It is our mission to create Aotearoa’s first fully funded digital agency so that all initiatives with a design to better our world can set their best foot forward, start sharing their vision and focus on the logistical steps unique to their organisation or campaign, knowing that their marketing is taken care of. 

We want to minimise the barriers of the cost of media and marketing so that everyone has the best chance possible of maximum reach and impact.

As more funding is secured, scope and location will expand to include videography, website design, branding and digital marketing with the ability to service the whole country.